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Producer Bios

Samantha Broun is an independent radio & video producer. She currently works with Atlantic Public Media in Woods Hole, Massachusetts where she is the managing editor for the Peabody Award winning website, Transom.org. Samantha’s work has aired on National Public Radio as well as the Cape and Islands public radio stations. Her piece, A Life Sentence received the Silver Award at the 2016 Third Coast International Audio Festival, a 2017 Dart Center Award, and was a finalist for a 2017 Peabody Award. Prior to attending the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in 2005 where she learned all things radio, Samantha earned an Ed.M from Harvard University and worked with youth in urban schools and mentoring programs for 15 years.

Amanda Kowalski is a freelance editorial and portrait photographer based in New England. In 2006, she relocated from Nashville, TN where she worked as a touring musician, to Portland, ME to attend the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Though Amanda is trained in traditional black and white documentary photography, she is currently shooting with a digital SLR. Amanda continues to live in Maine, though she enjoys traveling to fulfill her clients’ needs. Some of Amanda’s clients have included: The New York Times, National Public Radio, Children’s Hospital Boston, Public Radio International, Universal Music, and Sichuan Quake Relief. To see more of Amanda’s photography visit her website here: www.amandakowalskiphoto.com